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Camp Bravo's awards include

California State Thespians

Hall of Fame

Outstanding Contribution to Educational Theatre

National Standing

Ovation Award



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What PARENTS are saying 

My daughter could not imagine a summer without Camp Bravo. The training that she received from your amazing staff was a great boost for her personally and professionally. And the bond that she felt with the other kids stayed with her all year long. But more then the skills and more then the friends - the confidence that my daughter came home with every summer is the greatest gift Camp Bravo has ever given our family.


Denver, CO




San Dimas, CA



As an actress and a mother, I can think of no greater summer experience for my performing arts loving daughters than Camp Bravo. The level of theatrical training is first rate, with classes taught by professionals from their respective fields. But what truly sets Camp Bravo apart is the feeling of camaraderie and community. Campers aren't competing and vying for parts or solos, but are challenging themselves, exploring new disciplines and making lifelong friends. Kate, Tess and Emma can't think of a summer without Camp Bravo I can't either!