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Camp Bravo's awards include

California State Thespians

Hall of Fame

Outstanding Contribution to Educational Theatre

National Standing

Ovation Award



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What PARENTS are saying 

My daughter could not imagine a summer without Camp Bravo. The training that she received from your amazing staff was a great boost for her personally and professionally. And the bond that she felt with the other kids stayed with her all year long. But more then the skills and more then the friends - the confidence that my daughter came home with every summer is the greatest gift Camp Bravo has ever given our family.


Denver, CO




San Dimas, CA



As an actress and a mother, I can think of no greater summer experience for my performing arts loving daughters than Camp Bravo. The level of theatrical training is first rate, with classes taught by professionals from their respective fields. But what truly sets Camp Bravo apart is the feeling of camaraderie and community. Campers aren't competing and vying for parts or solos, but are challenging themselves, exploring new disciplines and making lifelong friends. Kate, Tess and Emma can't think of a summer without Camp Bravo I can't either!


Santa Barbara, CA



I appreciate the personal attention the Camp Bravo Counselors gave to my kids. Both of them came back with renewed excitement and enthusiasm for drama. My children have made and kept friends across the U.S.A. The various workshops provided my children the opportunity to learn and grow.


Phoenix, AZ

What CAMPERS are saying 

There is no way I could put into word the many things that Camp Bravo is to me, or what the people I met mean to me, or the way it makes me smile when I think about my time at camp (which is everyday). It inspires me to do my best. To go beyond what is expected. It has shown me what I need to achieve and how to achieve it. I feel privileged to have had the chance to go to Camp Bravo. Like someone had shared this phenomenal secret with me.




For me, Camp Bravo means family, listening, love, loss of judgment of other people, fun, caring, giving and mostly trust. I came to Bravo and gained trust - trust in myself, my friends, my teachers, everyone. Bravo is a huge part of my life. It's what I look forward to every year.




The stars up at Bravo are amazing. They seem to shine more brightly in the quiet and clear mountain skies than anywhere else in the world. They're like us. The campers. Because to me, up here at Bravo is where we all are allowed to shine more brightly than anywhere else. So thank you for that, creating a place where I can truly shine.




When I first came to Camp Bravo, I had never even been in a drama class. Now, three years later, I’m the Commissioner of Performing Arts in ASB, president of the drama club, and a member of a leading improv troupe at the Renaissance Faire, and working on my fifth play. If there is ever such a thing as a perfect world, it’s inside Camp Bravo.




I found friendship, support, inspiration, strength, and artistic freedom. Camp Bravo has not only given performers a place to work on their craft, it has brought together many different kinds of people with one common goal and given them a place to create life-long friendships based on honesty, trust and respect.




Theatre is my life and Bravo has created the safest, most enjoyable experience an actor can have. I never felt I belonged as much as I do here. This camp gave me friends and a place to feel loved. You have made a perfect world for many kids and I owe you more thanks for what you've done than I could ever say.


What TEACHERS are saying 

Bravo brings you back to joy. The workshops are brilliant, the people inspirational and the setting breathtaking. It is, in a word, perfection."

Elena Villa


Citrus Valley High School

Redlands, CA



Camp Bravo is a place where all kids find their beauty within. My students leave for camp as theatre students and return from Bravo as theatre artists.

Krista Elhai


Claremont High School

Claremont, CA



My students who have attended Camp Bravo return to my program more engaged, excited and, perhaps most importantly, confident in their abilities as a performer. Bravo provides them a safe place to learn and grow as artists during the most important and vulnerable period of their lives.

Kathllen Switzer


El Dorado High School

Placentia, CA



Camp Bravo opens new worlds to my students. The arts immersion experience delivers them back to school invigorated with an expanded ability to connect and a deeper sense of creativity and play. For your school, for your program, for your artists – send your students to Camp Bravo!

Amanda Swann


Verdugo Hills High School

Tujunga, CA



My students have benefited greatly from the caring staff and instructors at Camp Bravo. The program is extremely professional and experiential. I have nothing but glowing reports from all of my students who have attended Camp Bravo I would highly recommend this performing arts camp to other theatre teachers without any reservations.

Brian Welch


Villa Duchesne

St. Louis, MO

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