alumni retreat


Friday, May 22th -

Monday, May 25th, 2020


Acting with John Short

Improv with Sherry Layne

Virtual Theatre with Gai Jones


2020 Price $275

includes workshops, food,

and lodging


DeBenneville Pines

41750 Jenks Lake Road West

Angelus Oaks, CA 92305


Click the button below for all the information you'll need about attending the retreat,

including packing details and

Code of Conduct



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The Camp Bravo Adult Alumni Retreat is for "aged out" alumni to head back up the mountain and be a camper again!  Reinvigorate your inner artist with classic camp nostalgia, as well as experience brand new workshops and activities that will make you feel like a teenage thespian again!
Plus, friends and family are invited to experience the magic that is Bravo!  Want to bring your sig other so they understand your stories?  Have a friend who would have given anything to have gone to theatre camp when they were in high school?  Bring them along!  All attendees will be a part of the ensemble.  Guests must be 18 years or older and will also need to fill out a registration, either on your account or under their own account.
For more details about the weekend, click the INFO LETTER button, and to register, review the instructions below.



PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING about how to correctly register for the Alumni Retreat.


STEP 1 – Create a Bunk1 Account OR log into your pre-existing one

Click the REGISTER NOW button at the bottom of this page, but seriously, read everything else first.  You will be asked to either log in or create an account:

  • If you came to the retreat last year, log into your pre-existing account.

  • If you’re creating a new account, one question will be to select a "Relationship to Camper."  Please choose ALUMNI.  It will then require a camper name.  Please don't put your name as the camper, as that might make things confusing later.  You may however use that camper name section to entertain me with your best fake name.  But please don’t use that fake name later in the process.


STEP 2 – Register yourself

You will be logged onto your Bunk1 account dashboard.  Important: All the info written on that dashboard and elsewhere on Bunk1 refers to our summer camp, so please ignore.  Follow these instructions:

  • Click the REGISTRATIONS tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the two START A REGISTRATION dropdown boxes.

  • In the “SELECT A FORM” box, choose “Camp Bravo Alumni Retreat 2019”

  • In the “SELECT A FAMILY MEMBER” box, choose your name

  • Click the START button

  • Complete the following registration page and payment page.


STEP 3 – Register other guests

If you’re bringing a spouse, sig other, or friend, you’ll need to also register them.  How to add additional guests:

  • Return to the REGISTRATIONS tab at the top of your dashboard, and scroll down to the two START A REGISTRATION dropdown boxes.

  • In the SELECT A FORM box, choose “Camp Bravo Alumni Retreat 2018”

  • In the SELECT A FAMILY MEMBER box, choose “New Family Member”

  • Click SUBMIT button

  • Complete the following registration page and payment page for them.

  • Repeat this process for each additional new family member.


STEP 4 – Health Form

Every person coming to the retreat needs to submit an online health form.  Click on the FORMS tab and complete a health form for each attendee.  Health forms must be submitted by Monday, May 13th.


STEP 5 – Make Additional Payments

The retreat fee must be PAID IN FULL BY MONDAY, MAY 13th.  To complete payment, log back into your account.  On the dashboard, click the ACCOUNT button on the top right of the page and select “My Camp Account.”


If you have any issues during any part of the process,

please email our office at info@campbravo.org