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2022 DATES




JUNE 19th - JUNE 25th


JUNE 26th - JULY 2nd



Comedy Improv

Fast-paced, fun, and hilariously unexpected. Get ready to create characters.


Raise the stakes in your scenework.  Flex your acting muscle and master strong choices.

Story Theatre

Get on your feet and explore moment-to-moment collaborative storytelling.


From slaps and punches to kicks and falls, spar with the basics of stunt fighting.

Musical Theatre

Learn what it takes to create and  stage an original musical number. 


Build a cohesive ensemble while facing group challenges.  Learn when to support and when to steal the scene.


Musical Theatre

When speech isn’t enough, sing!  Imagine, write, and put on your own mini-musicals.


Leap into choreography for a show stopping number, sure to have all experience levels shaking it.


Discover how to work in the moment to embody truthful emotionally alive characters.


Sketch Comedy

  Learn how to craft scenes and silly scenarios on your feet.


Performance Art

Use personal life experiences in conjunction with basic movement and performance techniques to create original pieces.


Virtual Theatre

An immersive improvisational experience that  stretches your acting skills in a fresh new way.

Note: On rare occasions, changes to workshop schedule may occur.

workshop details

Acting Technique:   This workshop will focus on basic acting exercises through ensemble techniques. It will teach young actors how to develop character through making strong choices.
Clowning:  This workshop uses classic clowning techniques to explore physical comedy. Don't expect any tight ropes or juggling, just a fun exploration of characters born out of your imagination.


Comedy Improv:  This workshop teaches students the art of thinking fast on your feet. Using many of the basic rules of improvisation in a series of structured exercises students learn the craft of comedy.


Commedia:  This workshop uses the classic Commedia Dell' Arte style of performance as a basis for exploring physical comedy and timeless characters. Think Renaissance Faire meets full contact fun.


Dance:  This workshop focuses on choreography and contemporary performance dance. It is designed for students who love to get up and move.


Directing:  This workshop focuses on basic directing concepts as they relate to dynamic staging and inspiring the actors on bringing the text to life.


Mask:  This is an intensive workshop that explores basic acting technique through the use of masks. Students will be given the freedom to explore both physicalization and characterization.


Movement:  In this workshop students will explore how to connect their physical movement to their acting skills. Students will participate in an exercise based hands on approach that utilizes physicality as a source for expression.


Musical Theatre:  The workshop will focus on creating your own mini-musical. Students will be guided through originating musical numbers from ideas to writing to songs.


Performance Art:  In this workshop students will use personal life experiences in conjunction with basic movement and performance techniques to create original pieces of work that both express and reflect their creative points of view.


Playwriting:  This workshop is designed to teach the fundamentals of story and dramatic structure. Every student will be guided in the task of creating their own original work.


Puppetry:  This workshop teaches basic puppetry techniques with a focus on exploring and creating characters out of found objects. Through improvisation and group exercises, students will learn how to breathe life and emotion into literally anything.


Scene Study: Much like the acting techniques class, this workshop will focus on basic acting exercises through the use of written text. It will teach young actors how to analize written material and than make strong choices.


Shakespeare:  Students will learn the fun of breaking down and understanding Shakespeare text in a hands on, exercise- based fashion.


Stage Combat:  From slaps and punches to kicks and falls, this workshop teaches students the basics of stunt fighting. It takes students step by step through the process of creating the illusion of a hand to hand fight and teaches the basics of sword fighting.


Team-Works:  This workshop uses group exercises and techniques based in the idea of experiential education that encourage students into working as a cohesive ensemble.


Virtual Theater:  This workshop is an organized dramatic improvisation where the students are dealt a series of cards that give each student positive and negative character traits, a family unit, and a career. Students then role-play and form a working community based on the cards they drew. Once the exercise is in progress, each student is then handed a fate card and must live out their lives accordingly.


Camp Bravo's philosophy is to combine the camp experience with the creative arts by using the framework of any activity and turning it into a theatre game.



Hiking - Volleyball - Skit Night - Team Building - Ensemble Games - Poetry Slam -

and more!

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